We are a movement of educators, working families, and everyday Washingtonians advocating for progressive revenue solutions.


We believe that the best way to support families and businesses during the COVID- 19 crisis is to keep money flowing to our communities, invest in people, and ask the wealthy few and profitable corporations to do their part. Together, we can build a Washington that works for all of us.

Treasure Mackley Photo

Treasure Mackley, Executive Director


Treasure comes to Invest WA Now after 8 years as a Vice President and Political and Organizing Director at Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, and Vice President of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana & Kentucky. She served on the boards of Washington Budget and Policy Center, Win/Win Action, Washington United for Marriage, and Washington Won’t Discriminate.

“The pandemic has shown us just how vulnerable we all are. Voters and economists agree it’s time for those who’ve done well in Washington to do right by Washington.”


Tucker Baespflug

Tucker Baespflug, Constituency/Field Manager


Tucker is a lifelong Washingtonian born and raised in the Puyallup area, and works in labor as an external organizing team manager for Service Employees International Union Local 775.


“For the last five years I’ve sat across the kitchen tables from caregivers across this state, hearing about the hard work and sacrifices they make taking care of our most vulnerable. It’s time for Washington to meet this moment and care for those who care for us by investing in our communities, not making massive, immoral cuts.”

Salman Hassan, Outreach Coordinator


Salman, a 17-year resident of Washington, drove for Lyft, Uber, Dash and other gig employers before becoming an organizer.

“This campaign means a lot to me on a personal level because both of my elderly parents’ health depends on government-funded programs like Medicaid. I’ve spoken to so many vulnerable Washingtonians – seniors, caregivers, veterans, and parents. It’s heartbreaking to see these vulnerable people have food and care stripped away while billionaires get a tax treat.”