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Pass SB 5096 - Capital Gains Tax On Extraordinary Profits

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WHAT:  The WA State Senate just passed SB 5096, a capital gains tax on the ultra-rich’s extraordinary stocks and bonds profits. The vote was 25-24. Now it’s time to urge the WA State House of Representatives to do the same. 

Voting YES:

Senator Derek Stanford (WA-1)

Senator Andy Billig (WA-3)

Senator Bob Hasegawa (WA-11)

Senator T’Wina Nobles (WA-28)

Senator Marko Liias (WA-21)

Senator Sam Hunt (WA-22)

Senator Christine Rolfes (WA-23)

Senator Kevin Van De Wege (WA-24)

Senator Emily Randall (WA-26)

Senator Jeannie Darneille (WA-27)

Senator Steve Conway (WA-29)

Senator Claire Wilson (WA-30)

Senator Jesse Salomon (WA-32)

Senator Karen Keiser (WA-33)

Senator Joe Nguyen (WA-34)

Senator Reuven Carlyle (WA-36)

Senator Rebecca Saldaña (WA-37)

Senator June Robinson (WA-38)

Senator Liz Lovelett (WA-40)

Senator Lisa Wellman (WA-41)

Senator Jamie Pedersen (WA-43)

Senator Manka Dhingra (WA-45)

Senator David Frockt (WA-46)

Senator Mona Das (WA-47)

Senator Patty Kuderer (WA-48)


Voting NO: 

Senator Jim McCune (WA-2)

Senator Mike Padden (WA-4)

Senator Mark Mullet (WA-5)

Senator Jeff Holy (WA-6)

Senator Shelly Short (WA-7)

Senator Sharon Brown (WA-8)

Senator Mark Schoesler (WA-9)

Senator Ron Muzzall (WA-10)

Senator Brad Hawkins (WA-12)

Senator Judy Warncik (WA-13)

Senator Curtis King (WA-14)

Senator Jim Honeyford (WA-15)

Senator Perry Dozier (WA-16)

Senator Lynda Wilson (WA-17)

Senator Ann Rivers (WA-18)

Senator Jeff Wilson (WA-19)

Senator John Braun (WA-20)

Senator Chris Gildon (WA-25)

Senator Phil Fortunato (WA-31)

Senator Tim Sheldon (WA-35)

Senator Keith Wagoner (WA-39)

Senator Doug Ericksen (WA-42)

Senator Steve Hobbs (WA-44)

Senator Annette Cleveland (WA-49)



THE PROBLEM: Washington is the worst in the nation when it comes to making millionaires and billionaires pay their share like the rest of us.


Almost every other state in the nation – including Idaho, Montana, and Oregon – taxes capital gains, and are better situated to help their states’ economies recover from this pandemic.


As passed, SB 5096 would:

  • add a 7% tax on high-end capital gains – such as sales of stocks and bonds – only on profits greater than $250,000 
  • raise more than $550 million annually for early learning programs, education legacy trust and other programs to support equity, justice and fairness
  • impact just 0.2%, the wealthiest Washingtonians


SB 5096 would NOT apply to gains from the sales of assets from:

  • retirement accounts,
  • small businesses,
  • residential real estate, or
  • farmland, timber, or livestock.


Learn more about taxes on capital gains.


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