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Now Bellevue is talking about taxing Amazon too

“Because we have no corporate profits tax or income tax, all that wealth largely skates free of taxation.  This hamstrings a city’s ability to respond to the growth.”

Guest column: Washington state needs a more just tax code

“Our tax code has kept in place racist and classist systems that disproportionately harm Indigenous, Black and People of Color communities.”

Opinion: What the new capital-gains tax means for Washington families.

“Washington’s tax structure has been unfair for too long. This is a step in the right direction.”

The world’s 10 richest people added $402 billion to their fortunes in 2021. Here’s whose net worth grew the most

“Some of these individuals, like [WA residents] Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, have been worth $100 billion for some time: Gates first reached the mark in 1999, while Bezos did it in 2017. But most of the others are newcomers to the 12-digit club.”

Washington state's new capital gains tax: a primer

“Who pays? Most likely, not you.”

Ross: There’s nothing unfair about a capital gains tax in Washington

“I don’t think a single stock holder will have to set up GoFundMe if this passes.”

Nick Pitsilionis: Legislators: if you’re worried about my restaurant, pass a wealth tax on capital gains

“Families shouldn’t have to depend on philanthropy to survive. We must step up as a community and we must do this through public policy.”

Can WA lawmakers finally flip the state’s upside-down tax system?

“I don’t say recovery, I say economic transformation, What we had before wasn’t serving most of us.”

Seattle CEO: Push to tax Washington’s billionaires a ‘simple, obvious solution’

“The simple, obvious solution is to just barely fix how out of whack our tax system is by charging the people on the very, very top a little bit more.”

Proposed capital gains tax in Washington has support from speaker of the house

“Do people think that our small businesses need help in this economic situation that we’re in? Do people think that we want to prevent mass evictions, once the eviction moratorium goes away?”

Joan Jones

2021 is the Turning Point For Washington’s Economy

 “What sort of system would further punish everyday people when there are people and corporations who have made record profits and have not yet paid their fair share?”

As Inslee proposes new capital gains tax, progressives launch ad campaign

“One organization, Invest in WA Now, launched a video ad this week which will run in the legislative districts of key budget negotiators.”

Pandemic Closures Devastate Restaurant Industry’s Middle Class

“They drew down their bank accounts buying ingredients for meat sauce, which they planned to freeze, and stews.”

States race to craft their own economic relief plans, frustrated with federal inaction

“Governors and state lawmakers across the country are racing to authorize millions of dollars in new coronavirus stimulus aid, aiming to plug gaping holes in their local economies.”

The need is staggering: Washington food banks struggling to keep up with high demand

“These are small business owners that have put their whole entire lives into this community and now they are coming to us for food,”

Guest Editorial: Seattle’s Restaurants Can’t Wait for COVID Relief

“When ordinary people don’t have enough money to spend at local businesses, those businesses don’t make enough money to stay open.”
Restaurant job pandemic

Gov. Jay Inslee gets an ‘A’ in health, but so far he’s marked absent on the pandemic economy

“Economic stimulus is the most unsung tool for beating this virus. Want people and businesses to do the right thing on virus control? Then make it so they aren’t also fighting for their economic lives.”

Lynette M. Fraga and Deeann Puffert: The COVID-19 math doesn’t work for Washington’s child care providers

“For Washington’s and the nation’s economy to reopen after the COVID-19 threat subsides, millions of families will need safe, affordable child care. Let’s make sure it will be there for all with robust public investment.”

The economy grows when women and people of color are given opportunities — and it could be the solution to rebuilding the middle class

“We have an economy primed with talented people who are being held back by the forces of discrimination. And by unleashing them, we can absolutely set things right again.”

Trump paid $750 in federal income tax in 2017; Spokane County’s poorest residents paid more on average

“The bigger issue are all the policies that lead …to greater inequality of wealth and lower growth in the economy through very inefficient investment.”

Deal Reached in N.J. for ‘Millionaires Tax’ to Address Fiscal Crisis

“At least eight other states — including California, Massachusetts and New York — have considered proposals to increase taxes on high-income residents, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

Effort to repeal capital gains tax comes to an end

“A modest tax on extraordinary profits to pay for childcare and education is broadly supported by the public, as evidenced both by recent public opinion polling and by the tens of thousands of individuals who sent emails and letters to elected leaders, testified in support of the policy, and spoke out in support over the last decade.”

America’s very wealthiest likely pay less in taxes than you do, ProPublica finds

“It isn’t just [tax] loopholes, it’s also how we structure our taxes,” Jayapal said. “The fact that we don’t tax wealth is a big problem.”

Letter to the Editor

“I’m thankful that this act will help my children, who have now made me a grandma, afford child care and not struggle like I did between paying rent and childcare or putting groceries on the table. Child care, preschool and other education is funded in this act by the capital gains tax that was passed in the legislature last year.”

Amid Court Battle Over Capital Gains Tax, House Finance Chair Previews Future Reforms

“The poorest fifth of Washington state residents pay, on average, 16.8% of their incomes in state and local taxes while the richest 1% of Washingtonians pay an average of just 2.4 %.”


“We’re not even asking [the wealthy] to pay what we are paying, what regular working families are paying,” 

Please tax my capital-gains profits: Washington’s crises demand it

“A tax on capital-gains profits would actually create jobs, attract investment and provide needed new revenue.”

Lawmakers Consider Tax Rebate for WA Families

“When people are empowered and giving back the cash in their hands, in their pockets so that they can take care of their needs, that is how we recover,”

Why ‘tax the rich’ policies may make sense in a K-shaped economy

“Inequality has been a hallmark of the pandemic recovery, marked by job loss for those at the bottom and soaring wealth for those at the top.”

5 recommendations for long-term economic recovery in Washington State

“Washington State had the fifth highest business closure rate in the U.S. from March 1st to September 15th”

I’m part of the top 3-percent earners - so tax me higher, says Pierce County resident

“I’m not an economist, but I am a member of the top 3% and I recognize there’s an enormous problem with this system. It’s not equitable and it’s costing all of us.”

Reform Washington state’s taxes | Letter

“A one percent tax on wealth over a billion dollars could raise $4.4 billion. That wouldn’t hurt Jeff Bezos or the others in his class.”

Improved State Taxes on Wealth, High Incomes Can Help Fuel an Equitable Recovery

“When states cut funding for schools, health care, or other services, it typically results in layoffs, which reduce economic activity and can deepen and prolong a recession.”

State’s eviction moratorium expires at end of December

“We’re looking, come January 1, at a massive crisis in Washington State.” – Michele Thomas, WA Low Income Housing Alliance

Tarra Simmons, the first felon elected to Washington state’s legislature, wants to give formerly incarcerated people a second chance

“I think we need to raise revenue through progressive taxation on the people in our state who are getting away without paying their fair share.”

Say Yes to Progressive Taxation

“Most Americans accept the common-sense case for progressive taxation: Those who have more ought to contribute more to the society that is the foundation of their prosperity.”

Washington State’s Untapped Wealth Is the Key to Building a Better Future

“Coronavirus left our most vulnerable neighbors on the brink of disaster. A small investment in the hardest-hit communities can improve outcomes for everyone.”

Warren Buffett and Joe Biden are bullish on America, agree the super rich should pay higher taxes, and want quarterly earnings guidance to end

“Biden and Buffett agree that the wealthiest people in America should pay higher taxes.”

Washington unemployment claims hit 10-week high. Here’s what experts are saying about the economy.

“Washington’s surge in claims, which rose to the highest level since the week ending Aug. 1, comes amid signs that the state’s economic recovery may be slowing.”

Amid surge in jobless claims, Washington’s hospitality and travel sectors struggle

“Stimulus money helped prevent the worst-case scenario for state tax revenues — and counties and cities,” says McCafferty. “But there is not more of that on the horizon that seems likely.”

20,000 elderly or disabled residents could lose funding due to Washington state budget shortfall

“We’re just hoping revenues can improve and we can avoid causing these clients and people at these facilities any more pain and suffering.”

Campaign to repeal state's capital gains tax dropped, at least for now

“This initiative would have given the wealthiest 0.2% of Washingtonians an unnecessary tax cut and it’s clear the efforts to get this going were no match for the broad-based coalition working to make Washington’s tax code more equitable.”

State wealth tax would target 'worldwide wealth' of Washington billionaires

“I’ve studied how wealth and income inequality has exploded over the last two decades and accelerated during the pandemic,” he said. “Today we find ourselves at a level of inequity that we haven’t seen since the Gilded Age. You have the opportunity and the power to make meaningful updates to our tax code to make it more equitable.”

Opinion: Educational system stretched beyond capacity fails students

“We have extraordinary wealth in many of our communities, yet those with the greatest ability to contribute pay far less toward public education and other programs than do our working families. The recently-passed capital gains tax is a good first step toward making this right, but we have a long way to go.”

As a Well-Off Tech Worker, I Want to Be Taxed on My Wealth

“I will not move out of state as a result of the Legislature doing its job to rebalance our upside-down tax code, and neither will anyone I know. “

In Our View: State tax system desperately needs overhaul

“Being heavily reliant on sales tax, our state routinely is ranked as having the nation’s most regressive tax policy, with low-income households paying a larger share of taxes than in other states.”

Q&A: Rep. Noel Frame makes the case for a wealth tax in Washington State

“Sure revenue looks good, but on the backs of whom?”

My family can barely afford rent and gas. Here's how state leaders can help

“It’s time to fix our broken tax system and create a roadmap for the future, one where families can recover together and thrive.”

Pledge to boost pandemic-depleted Washington state tax revenues now a main thrust of expanded sports gambling push

“There are workers involved and that particularly there’s an opportunity to create family-wage jobs — which has been a real game changer in this industry.”

Editorial: Governor’s menu of taxes looks appetizing

“The capital gains tax, as proposed, would apply to an estimated 2 percent of the state’s residents, and could begin to provide better equity as well as more revenue for the state’s general fund.”

Commentary: Direct aid can help state economy, protect health

“By supporting our people now, we can ensure a steady supply of the true driver of economic growth — consumer spending, which creates jobs and sustains business.”

Millions of Americans are heading into the holidays unemployed and over $5,000 behind on rent

“The numbers of those behind on rent and utilities were especially high for families with children, with 21 percent falling behind on rent, and among families of color.”

WA Workers to Lawmakers: Cuts Will Hurt Most Vulnerable

“Unguryan believes lawmakers should look elsewhere for revenue, including fixing the state’s regressive tax system.” 

Opinion: Olympia should enact new taxes on the wealthy

“The reason new taxes beat spending cuts is threefold. Tax increases, especially well-designed ones targeting the wealthy, have less effect on economic activity than do spending cuts.”
T'wina Nobles

WA Democrats see path to cleaner fuels, capital gains tax after election

“What I want to support is a capital gains tax only on our wealthiest,” says Senator-elect T’wina Nobles.

Healthcare system treats me differently because I’m Black - even though I work in it

“The best solution is to keep money flowing to communities, continue providing services that we all rely on, keep people working, asking the people succeeding the most – the wealthiest individuals and corporations – to pay more in taxes.”

Why These Millionaires Are Staying Put Despite a New Tax on Them

“High earners and entrepreneurs have family and community ties that keep them from moving away.”

As tax collections rebound, Washington state’s projected $9-billion budget shortfall is cut in half

“Wednesday’s forecast now shows a shortfall of the current, two-year state operating budget of approximately $2.3 billion — not counting the roughly $3 billion in budget reserves.”