Guest Editorial: Seattle’s Restaurants Can’t Wait for COVID Relief

“When ordinary people don’t have enough money to spend at local businesses, those businesses don’t make enough money to stay open.”
Restaurant job pandemic

Gov. Jay Inslee gets an ‘A’ in health, but so far he’s marked absent on the pandemic economy

“Economic stimulus is the most unsung tool for beating this virus. Want people and businesses to do the right thing on virus control? Then make it so they aren’t also fighting for their economic lives.”

Lynette M. Fraga and Deeann Puffert: The COVID-19 math doesn’t work for Washington’s child care providers

“For Washington’s and the nation’s economy to reopen after the COVID-19 threat subsides, millions of families will need safe, affordable child care. Let’s make sure it will be there for all with robust public investment.”

The economy grows when women and people of color are given opportunities — and it could be the solution to rebuilding the middle class

“We have an economy primed with talented people who are being held back by the forces of discrimination. And by unleashing them, we can absolutely set things right again.”

Trump paid $750 in federal income tax in 2017; Spokane County’s poorest residents paid more on average

“The bigger issue are all the policies that lead …to greater inequality of wealth and lower growth in the economy through very inefficient investment.”

Deal Reached in N.J. for ‘Millionaires Tax’ to Address Fiscal Crisis

“At least eight other states — including California, Massachusetts and New York — have considered proposals to increase taxes on high-income residents, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

Say Yes to Progressive Taxation

“Most Americans accept the common-sense case for progressive taxation: Those who have more ought to contribute more to the society that is the foundation of their prosperity.”

Washington State’s Untapped Wealth Is the Key to Building a Better Future

“Coronavirus left our most vulnerable neighbors on the brink of disaster. A small investment in the hardest-hit communities can improve outcomes for everyone.”

Warren Buffett and Joe Biden are bullish on America, agree the super rich should pay higher taxes, and want quarterly earnings guidance to end

“Biden and Buffett agree that the wealthiest people in America should pay higher taxes.”

Washington unemployment claims hit 10-week high. Here’s what experts are saying about the economy.

“Washington’s surge in claims, which rose to the highest level since the week ending Aug. 1, comes amid signs that the state’s economic recovery may be slowing.”

Amid surge in jobless claims, Washington’s hospitality and travel sectors struggle

“Stimulus money helped prevent the worst-case scenario for state tax revenues — and counties and cities,” says McCafferty. “But there is not more of that on the horizon that seems likely.”

20,000 elderly or disabled residents could lose funding due to Washington state budget shortfall

“We’re just hoping revenues can improve and we can avoid causing these clients and people at these facilities any more pain and suffering.”

Opinion: Olympia should enact new taxes on the wealthy

“The reason new taxes beat spending cuts is threefold. Tax increases, especially well-designed ones targeting the wealthy, have less effect on economic activity than do spending cuts.”
T'wina Nobles

WA Democrats see path to cleaner fuels, capital gains tax after election

“What I want to support is a capital gains tax only on our wealthiest,” says Senator-elect T’wina Nobles.

Healthcare system treats me differently because I’m Black - even though I work in it

“The best solution is to keep money flowing to communities, continue providing services that we all rely on, keep people working, asking the people succeeding the most – the wealthiest individuals and corporations – to pay more in taxes.”

Why These Millionaires Are Staying Put Despite a New Tax on Them

“High earners and entrepreneurs have family and community ties that keep them from moving away.”

As tax collections rebound, Washington state’s projected $9-billion budget shortfall is cut in half

“Wednesday’s forecast now shows a shortfall of the current, two-year state operating budget of approximately $2.3 billion — not counting the roughly $3 billion in budget reserves.”