COVID-19 is causing more than a health crisis. Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, over one million people have filed for unemployment, and thousands more are relying on state assistance. Whether it’s making the difficult choice to go to work and put their health at risk, finding a new job in a recession, or juggling online learning for children while working from home, people across Washington are struggling.

The pandemic has exposed just how broken the system is. Low-income families and communities of color who were hit hardest by the 2008 recession are now suffering the greatest economic consequences while also bearing the brunt of the health impacts of COVID-19.

This crisis calls for a bold new approach. Starving our communities of necessary resources is a choice we don’t have to keep making. When we cut programs we put more people out of work, slow down spending, and set the economy  back even further. But there’s another way. We can build an economy where all of us, no matter what we look like or where we live, can thrive.


We can Invest in Washington. We can invest in us.


Regular people who shop in local businesses and spend money in their neighborhoods are the heart of Washington’s economy. By focusing on solutions that keep money flowing in our communities, we can keep businesses open, people employed, and families healthy.

We must all do our part. That includes asking profitable corporations and the wealthy few who have done well in Washington to do right by Washington.


You can be part of the solution. Sign the petition and add your voice to thousands of others.