Tell Your Lawmakers: Pass These Bills to Make WA Billionaires Pay What They Owe, and Help Our Families

Personalize Your Letter to Your WA Lawmakers Now!

Your WA State Lawmakers Need to Hear From You!
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It’s a short session this year, so your legislators in Olympia need to hear NOW that they must continue to fight for an economy that works for more of us.

Send this email now, thanking them for passing a capital gains tax on the super-rich with a modest tax on the profits from the sale of stocks and bonds. That was an important step in fixing our upside-down tax code. 

By signing this email you’ll ask them to support ways to make our tax system more fair, like:

  • taxing billionaires who aren’t paying what they owe, like the rest of us (HB 1406), and
  • and making the estate tax more equitable (HB 1465). 

Be sure to tell them more about WHY you care and personalize your email.