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Make the Wealthiest in WA Pay Their Share For Child Care, Early Learning

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WHAT:   Our legislators in Olympia are voting – as soon as this weekend – on the capital gains tax bill (SB 5096).


That’s $500 million per year, every year, for parents and kids through expanded child care, early learning and more. 


All paid for by the very richest – the top 1% –  who are making millions in profits off the stock market.

THE PROBLEM: Washington is the worst in the nation when it comes to making millionaires and billionaires pay their share like the rest of us.   During this pandemic the wealthy have become even richer, while the average Washingtonians struggle to make rent and keep food on the table.   The poorest 25% of us – including frontline healthcare and retail workers – pay nearly 18% of their income in taxes while billionaires pay less than 1%.   Almost every other state in the nation – including Idaho, Montana, and Oregon – taxes capital gains, and are better situated to help their states’ economies recover from this pandemic.   Legislators are voting on SB 5096. It would:
  • add a 7% tax on high-end capital gains – such as sales of stocks and bonds – only on profits greater than $250,000
  • raise more than $50 million annually for child care and early learning programs
  • impact just the top 1%, the wealthiest Washingtonians
 These proposals would NOT apply to:
  • retirement accounts,
  • small businesses,
  • residential real estate, or
  • farmland, timber, or livestock.
Learn more about taxes on capital gains.   Send your note urging your legislators to pass progressive revenue like capital gains taxes on the super-wealthy.