Statements Responding to Governor Inslee's Progressive Revenue Proposal

December 17, 2020


Invest In Washington Now issued the following responses to Governor Inslee’s progressive revenue proposal in today’s budget package.

“Even though we are in the top 3%, Governor Inslee’s proposed capital gains tax on the very rich likely won’t apply to my husband – who works for a big tech company – and me. As parents to a kid with developmental disabilities, we rely on state services for our son’s wheelchair, food, and personal care, and frankly we’re not paying our share under Washington’s upside down tax system. Governor Inslee’s proposal means the wealthiest who are getting even richer from the stock market will pay a little more to protect public health and rebuild the economy, and it’s the least we should do. I hope legislators will go even further with progressive revenue, like addressing the wealthiest corporations and estates that aren’t paying their share. It’s time for folks who do well in Washington to do right by Washington.” – Adrienne Stuart, top 3% and Tacoma mom of a developmentally disabled child

“Thanks to Governor Inslee, we can finally start moving from worst to best in the nation, just by asking the wealthiest to pay their share. Washington is the worst in the nation when it comes to our upside down tax system – where the lowest income families pay the biggest share. For too long, our state has been kept in a never-ending revenue crisis. So it’s no wonder students, patients, and families of color have been pitted against each other to fight over scraps during every budget cycle. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Governor’s budget takes the first step to create a more equitable system.” – Treasure Mackley, Executive Director of Invest in Washington Now (IWN)

“This year, Washington took a hit. And we’re getting through it, together. Now, here’s the question: Do we throw another punch at the people who’ve been hit the hardest? By cutting funding for communities – like small businesses, teachers, essential workers, the people on the frontlines? Or do we raise taxes on those at the very top — and make smart investments, keep money in the hands of Washington families and build our small businesses and communities back stronger? The choice is ours.” – IWN’s new video ad now running in the legislative districts of key budget negotiator

“Washington has the opportunity to enact new taxes on the wealthiest Washingtonians and profitable corporations, avoiding deep and damaging cuts to community investments that would only worsen the downward economic spiral. New revenue sources are needed to save families and small  businesses from bankruptcy, to ensure quality education and health care, and to keep communities from falling through the cracks.” – June 2020 Letter from more than a dozen economic and policy experts to lawmakers 

Earlier this year, a GBAO poll of WA voters showed strong for raising taxes on the wealthiest households. When asked about specific policies, 62% said they supported instituting a capital gains tax to “fund public services and provide support to families and businesses struggling due to coronavirus.” 

Invest in Washington Now has already collected more than 7,500 signatures on a petition calling on lawmakers to speed economic recovery by avoiding reckless cuts to services, keeping money flowing to communities, and building an economy for everyone by raising progressive revenue. Invest in Washington Now is a new 501c4 group funded by educators, health care providers, and others through their unions, and other civic organizations.