Super-Rich Can Start Paying For I-1929 Signatures, Public Asked To Report Via Hotline

April 28, 2022

Olympia, WA: As soon as this weekend, Washington voters could see signature gatherers for I-1929, a ballot measure to repeal the state’s capital gains tax on massive stock market profits. Today a Thurston County court finalized I-1929 ballot title language, and opponents are ready to respond to the millionaire-backed Repeal the Capital Gains Tax Committee’s signature gatherers.

Treasure Mackley, Executive Director of Invest In WA Now:  

“Signature gatherers won’t tell you I-1929 is a tax cut for the super rich, taking $500 million from education and childcare, and making the rest of us pay. The public has a right to know I-1929 is a massive give away to a tiny number of Washington’s super rich, paid for by the rest of us.”


Invest in Washington Now is asking the public to call or text ‪(509) 495-1222‬ to report signature gatherers for I-1929, or go to to file an online report. 

“We want to know what I-1929 signature gatherers are saying and where they are collecting signatures so we can respond quickly with the facts,” said Mackley. 

To give this tax cut to the super-rich, I-1929 would take an estimated $500 million a year from the Education Legacy Trust Account, which funds:

  • safety and other repairs to Washington’s aging schools,
  • creating more preschools and child cares so parents can get back to work, and
  • providing much needed assistance and equipment for students with disabilities.


Invest in WA Now is a movement of educators, working families, and everyday Washingtonians from across the state advocating for progressive revenue solutions. Together, we can build a Washington that works for all of us.