Jessa Lewis
Jessa Lewis

Over the last few decades, rural Washington State has become a harder place to build good lives for our families. 


Even worse, too many of the efforts to make things better don’t actually listen to how rural communities are different from the major cities and suburbs.


That’s where we come in: the Rural Roots Project is an effort to put the voice of rural Washingtonians into the mix when it comes to making our state’s tax system work for working people. Over the last few months, we have been talking with ranchers, farmers and business owners from rural and small-town Washington, and we want to invite you to the conversation.

We are hosting a series of online town halls to share with you what we know about tax fairness in Washington, and you are invited. We’ll share what we know about different policies like the wealth tax and the capital gains tax, and how people in towns all across Washington are being impacted.

When you attend one of these town halls, you’ll leave with more knowledge of how the tax system is unfair for working people, and how you can help make things better for your neighbors and community. If you cannot make the town hall for your region, please feel free to attend one of the other virtual town halls below.

Join us, and help put working Washington at the table. Pre-registration required to attend.



Town Hall - Central & Eastern WA
Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 6:30pm PT

Town Hall - Western WA
Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 6:30pm PT

Join the conversation on our Rural Roots Project group on Facebook

Exchange ideas and hear what other rural voices have to say by joining our Rural Root Project groups on Facebook.

We are a movement of small business owners, educators, working families, and everyday Washingtonians advocating for progressive revenue solutions. We believe that the best way to support families and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis is to keep money flowing to our communities, invest in people, and ask the wealthy few and profitable corporations to do their part. Together, we can build a Washington that works for all of us.