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Huge Win for Kids, Students! WA Supreme Court Upholds Capital Gains Tax on Super-Rich!

Why now: The WA Supreme Court just okayed $500 million a year in funding for childcare and education with a capital gains tax on ultra millionaires and billionaires. Now is the time to weigh in and show public support for making Washington’s tax system more fair.

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 2. WHO you are and why you’re writing.
  • Example: I’m a mom in Edmonds and I’m excited about more options for child care that are coming because the Supreme Court okayed the capital gains tax on the rich.
  • Example: As a local business owner here in Spokane, I’m glad the Supreme Court upheld the capital gains tax. Now my employees will have more options for child care and parents will see more investments in education. 
3. Choose from these key messages for your LTE:
  • The Supreme Court’s decision is a win for Washington kids and families, and protects the historic new investments we made in education, early learning, and childcare.
    • The revenue from capital gains will bring in $500 million every year — that means more kids across Washington will have access to quality early learning, more help for parents to be able to afford childcare and return to work, and new childcare centers and schools under construction, creating countless jobs in the process.
    • The planned investments in childcare, school construction, and education will also boost our economy at a time when so many are struggling with rising prices.

  • This year, Washington’s super-rich will begin paying what they owe in taxes on their extraordinary capital gains profits, an outcome voters support.
    • Poll after poll shows Washington voters support making millionaires and billionaires in our state pay what they owe in taxes to fund our schools, roads, and critical services.

  • Washington’s highest court has rejected the cynical attempt by a small group of super wealthy individuals to cut their own taxes.
    • The supreme court saw this for what it was: another attempt by Washington’s wealthy elite to further tip Washington’s already upside-down tax code further in their favor and avoid paying what they owe.

  • In upholding the tax on extraordinary capital gains profits, Washington Supreme Court justices also defended the progress we’ve made in balancing Washington’s upside-down tax code, so the wealthy contribute to fund our schools.
    • While this is a huge win for families, backed by broad public support, it is just one step in the direction of a balanced tax code that is equitable and stable for future generations.
    • Legislators have a chance this legislative session to enact other common-sense reforms to balance the tax code and fund priorities like homelessness and mental health services. 

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Dear Editor,

The Washington State Supreme Court just made an important ruling that will start to fix Washington’s upside-down tax code. The Court upheld a capital gains tax on the super rich, requiring them to pay what they truly owe and contribute to education and child care programs that will benefit all of us.As a mom in Auburn, it’s unfair that I pay a larger share of my income in taxes than mega-millionaires and billionaires, most of whom live in urban areas like King County.

The capital gains tax on the super rich will affect just 0.2% of Washingtonians, approximately 7,000 of the wealthiest people in the entire state. The rest of us, especially parents like me, will benefit from the increased investments in early learning and K-12 schools.

That’s great news! Lawmakers should build on that progress by continuing to fix our tax code so that it is more just and equitable. When they create the next state budget, they should make sure that those at the top pay what they owe while low- and middle-income families feel less impact.

Janet Smith, 1649 Main Street, Auburn, WA