Send Your Letter to the Editor Now!


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1. Keep your letter to 100 – 200 words.

2. WHO you are and why you’re writing.
  • Example: I’m a mom in Edmonds and I’m excited about more options for child care that are coming because this year legislators passed a capital gains tax on the super rich.
  • Example: As a local business owner here in Spokane, the capital gains tax passed by state legislators this year means my employees will have more options for child care and parents will see more investments in education. 

3. WHY the new capital gains tax is important.

  • Example: Childcare, preschool, and other education are funded by a new tax on capital gains, profits of more than $250,000 from the sale of stocks and bonds. Less than 1% of Washingtonians will pay this tax, but everyone will benefit. 
  • Example: The capital gains tax is a good step to making sure everyone is paying their share in taxes and supporting the services — like early learning and education — that we all benefit from.  
  • Example: We can make sure that every community has what they need to thrive when we insist that every person pays their share in taxes. 


4. NAME your state legislators (find them here).

  • Example: (Legislator name) should find more ways to make sure everyone pays their share. Those with the most are still not paying their share in taxes. 
  • Example: I want to thank (legislator name) for having the courage to vote for the capital gains tax. It’s a good first step. Our tax code is the most upside-down in the country, which means those with the least income are paying the highest share of their earnings in state and local taxes. We have to make this more fair. 
  • Example: I appreciate (legislator name) recognition that the tax code still isn’t fair and I encourage them to keep working on solutions like a wealth tax and a more equitable estate tax. 

5. SIGN it! 

Don’t forget to sign your name. Some papers also require the city where you live or your address.