WA Capital Gains Tax Lawsuit Resources

Updated 8/17/22
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The capital gains tax raises more than $500 million/year for childcare, schools, and much more.

Summary: Quinn v. WA was filed by millionaires who are attempting to give themselves a tax cut. Quinn would eliminate more than $500 million per year in education funding raised from a 7% capital gains tax on extraordinary profits from stock sales exceeding $250,000 annually. 

  • Impacts: Only 00.1% of Washington taxpayers see enough profits to pay this tax. Impacts by county.
  • Exemptions: All sales of real estate, retirement accounts like IRAs, family-owned small businesses, and farms, among other things.
  • Education Funding: The capital gains tax increases funding for the Education Legacy Trust Account, which supports child care, pre-schools, special education, and community and technical colleges, among other things.  It also funds the Common School Construction Account, which helps with renovating, repairing, and building schools. 
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Summary:  The State of WA and education intervenors are appealing the lower court’s decision, which takes away over $500 million/year from education and gives the super rich a tax cut. The WA State Supreme Court granted direct review. A hearing date is not yet set.


Summary: A trial court in Douglas County ruled in favor of the millionaires behind Quinn v. WA.