Statements Responding to Governor Inslee’s Progressive Revenue Proposal

December 17, 2020

Invest In Washington Now issued the following responses to Governor Inslee’s progressive revenue proposal in today’s budget package:

“Even though we are in the top 3%, Governor Inslee’s proposed capital gains tax on the very rich likely won’t apply to my husband – who works for a big tech company – and me…

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Invest In WA Now Launches With Progressive Revenue Ad Campaign

December 14, 2020

As Governor Jay Inslee prepares to release his budget package this week, a new organization focused on fixing Washington’s upside down tax system is launching with the first in a series of ads calling for progressive revenue solutions.

The new video ad, running in the legislative districts of key budget negotiators, says:

“This year, Washington took a hit. And we’re getting through it, together. Now, here’s the question: Do we throw another punch at the people who’ve been hit the hardest? By cutting funding for communities – like small businesses, teachers, essential workers, the people on the frontlines? Or do we raise taxes on those at the very top — and make smart investments, keep money in the hands of Washington families and build our small businesses and communities back stronger? The choice is ours.”

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