Make WA Billionaires Pay What They Owe Our State

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We call on our state's lawmakers to make sure Washington's billionaires pay their share in taxes - just like the rest of us.

During the pandemic the wealthy in WA have become even richer. 

The rich use their power to rig the tax system for themselves. 

Then they can get away with paying as little as possible.

Meanwhile, the poorest 25% of us – including frontline healthcare and retail workers – pay nearly 18% of their income in WA state sales and property taxes. 

Until we require the wealthiest pay their share, we will keep relying on Washington’s lowest-income residents to fund our schools, hospitals, and roads. 

We must fix our upside down tax code.

We came together to pass capital gains, a small tax on their massive stock market profits. 

Now, we must keep working together.

We call on you to pass a wealth tax on Washington’s billionaires.

Put people and communities first.