Tell Your Lawmakers in Olympia

We Can Fund Housing, Hospitals, and Schools When The Rich Pay Their Share


Right now, state legislators in Olympia think they have to choose between funding for housing, hospitals, schools, OR childcare.

Every year these critical programs are pit against each other, fighting for too few dollars in the state budget.

They shouldn’t have to choose. And neither should we.

Whether you’re a nurse, teacher, construction worker, or childcare provider, we all do our part.

No matter our background, faith, or color, we all contribute to our communities.

But, Washington’s mega-millionaires pay 3% or less of their income in state and local taxes while the rest of us pay up to 17%.

We’re paying more for the services that benefit everyone, like schools, roads, mass transit, health care, senior services, and other programs. And we’re feeling the biggest impact when it comes to taxes.

But, we can make a different choice.

We came together in 2021 to take the first step to make our tax code more fair by creating a capital gains tax on extreme stock profits.

Now, as lawmakers are writing a new state budget, we are demanding a budget that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

It’s time to make sure Washington’s mega-millionaires and billionaires contribute to our schools, housing, hospitals, and more.

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